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Learn Graphic Design Online for Free by Lalit Adhikari at LTY. Our Graphic Design Course Syllabus includes all aspects of Graphic Design field which are required to develop a better understanding of designing.

Hence, helping you to become a better Graphic Designer and developing your base not just for Graphic Designing but also for Animation and aiding Web Designers if and when required.

About LTY Graphic Design Course Online

We have developed the content for our Graphic Design Course after years of learning, working as freelancer, professional and even after teaching for years. The best part is that we intent to keep our Graphic Design Course Free forever.

All you need to do, is to read our blogs in the order we have mentioned below. A Graphic design course description is also given with all the topics present.

Most of the topics have link on them to read but as Graphic Design field is in constant development phase. So, to keep our Graphic Design Course up to date, we may mention a topic earlier and add a link to it later. So, keep re-visiting this page or subscribe to our ‘Newsletter‘ to receive updates as we grow our Graphic Design Course knowledge base.

Learn Graphic Designing Online

Our Graphic Design Course have the following structure:

Basics of Graphic Design

This is a basic introduction to Graphic Design. It includes definition and explanations of all the small and basic terms, you should be familiar with before you start to Learn Graphic Design.

Sketching Necessity for Graphic Design in Animation

Sketching is a necessity for Graphic Design. Although you don’t need to develop your sketch as par level of a Fine Artist. You should have some knowledge and practice of sketching.

Anatomy Lessons

Female Anatomy

Female Anatomy

Lalit M. S. AdhikariNov 8, 2015Aug 26, 20221129801 min read
Male Anatomy

Male Anatomy

Lalit M. S. AdhikariNov 1, 2015Aug 3, 2022521511 min read
Muscle Anatomy

Muscle Anatomy

Lalit M. S. AdhikariOct 25, 2015Aug 3, 2022516971 min read


Lalit M. S. AdhikariOct 18, 2015Aug 3, 2022317901 min read

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