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Fade Command in Edit menu in Photoshop

In this Photoshop Lesson, we’ll learn about, ‘Fade command in Edit Menu in Photoshop‘.

My name is Lalit Adhikari and we are at LTY. Let’s begin!

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Fade command in Edit menu in Photoshop

Fade is one of the command available in Edit menu in Photoshop. It becomes active immediately after appling any Filter effect, Painting tool, Eraser tool or Color Adjustment on the image (Destructive Editing).

It changes the opacity and blending mode of any Filter, Painting tool, Eraser tool, or color adjustment.

Applying the Fade command is similar to applying the filter effect or Painting tool on a separate layer and then using the layer opacity and blending mode controls.

This command can also modify the effects of using Liquify and Brush Strokes filters.

Remember: Fade command should be applied immeditely after the effect is applied or painting stroke made. It only modifies the last action done on the image.

Let’s have a look at some examples for Fade command.

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Fade command in Painting Tool

First, we will open our chosen image in Photoshop. I have selected the following image for these examples.

Now, with a soft round brush and Red as Foreground Color, I’ll paint on one eye of the Lion. Important point is to paint at one go. We can’t take breaks in painting the eye. Hence, only painting one eye at a time.

Eye painted red in photoshop

Let’s go to Edit > Fade and reduce the opacity to 40%

Fade command in photoshop

We can easily notice that reducing the opacting only reduces the opacity of the brush stroke which has been directly applied on the image.

Let’s also change the Blend Mode to Subtract and increase opacity to 65%

Fade command in edit menu in photoshop

Click OK to apply the result.

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Fade command on Filter

Again, open the image in the Photoshop. As I’m going to use the same image, I will undo all the previous changes.

Image open in photoshop

Now, go to Filter menu and chose Filter Gallery. In the Filter Gallery dialog box, chose Plastic Wrap inside Artistic Group with Highlight Strength of 15, Detail at 9 and Smoothness at 7.

Filter Gallary in Filter menu
Plastic wrap effect in filter gallery in photoshop

Click OK then go to Edit menu, chose Fade.

Fade command

In Fade dialog box, reduce opacity to 85% and change Blend Mode to Color Dodge.

Fade Command

Click OK to apply Fade command.

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Lalit Adhikari
Lalit Adhikari
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