We have already discussed ‘Shape tools in Illustrator‘. In this tutorial we will learn, ‘How to make a Semicircle in Illustrator’ as we don’t have any direct tool to create semicircle in Illustrator.


Ellipse tool can be used to create either an oval or a circle. An oval has two radius and a circle has only one radius. So, when we say Semi-circle, we mean a half circle.

There are various ways to make a Semicircle in Illustrator. I will show two of the easy methods one by one.

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Method – 1: Using Ellipse & Pen Tool

In one of our previous blog, we have explained, ‘How to use Pen tool in illustrator‘.

  • First we have to create a Circle using Ellipse tool and hold Shift key while drawing the circle.
Circle made using ellipse tool in illustrator
  • Select Pen tool while the object is still selected. Click on the right anchor point of the circle.
Pen tool showing delete anchor point tool

After removing the anchor using Pen tool, the circle will change to the shape shown below.

Shape of circle changed after removing anchor point
  • Now, hold ALT key to change pen tool to Convert point tool and then start moving the handles on the right side of the bottom anchor point and hold SHIFT key too, to a 90 degree towards the center of the shape.
Moving handle towards center at right angle using convert point tool in illustrator
  • Repeat the above step for the top achor point’s right handle.
Semi circle made in illustrator

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Method – 2: Using Ellipse & Direct Selection tool

Again, create a circle using Ellipse tool.

  • Then select Direct Selection Tool and click on the right most anchor point to select it.
Anchor selected using direct selection tool in illustrator
  • Now press DELETE key on the keyboard.
After deleting anchor point using direct selection tool

In the above image, we can notice that deleting the anchor point also removed the stroke associated with it. Deleting the anchor point, changed the closed shaped into an open shape.

We have to join the last two anchor points again, using shortcut CTRL + J

Semicircle made in illustrator

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