In this Photoshop Tutorial, we’ll learn about creating Gold Text Effect in Photoshop.

I’m Shiv Pratap Singh and I welcome you to another tutorial by me at LTY.

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What does Gold symbolize

As Gold is a precious metal, it is the color of wealth and luxury. It also symbolizes the ideas of love, wisdom and magic.

It is commonly associated with Prestige, Influence and Prosperity but it is also Generous and Compassionate color.

It is inherently Optimistic, Uplifting and Enlightening in nature and it inspires us and gives us the confidence to reach our full potential.

GoldPrestige, Success, Wealth and ProsperityEnlightens, Inspires, Uplifts and InfluencesCompassion, Generosity, Optimism and ConfidenceArrogant, Flashy, Egotistic and Pretentious
Characteristics of Gold color

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Video tutorial

Create New Document

Let’s begin with our tutorial. First, we will create a New Document in Photoshop. I’ll will chose Width and Height to be 1600 px and 800 px respectively with Color Mode as RGB and Resolution at 72.

New document dialog box in Photoshop
document created in photoshop

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Setting up the Background

As Gold text effect will involve light or glow on the subject. Hence our background should be dark. In this case, I’ll take black as the base background color for our document. As Black and Gold create an amazing combination.

To fill black color on the layer, use shortcut ALT + DELETE with black as Foreground Color.

black color filled on canvas

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Preparing Text

Now, we have to simply create text. Take text tool and click on the canvas and type the text for Gold effect to be applied. In my case I’ll be chosing LTY, shortform for Learn That Yourself, our blog name, as my text.

I will chose Times New Roman to keep things simple. I would recommend chosing a Serif font for this exercise with text color set to be White. Here, chosing white color has a simple purpose of making the text easily visible while typing it. It has no further use.

I have chosen ‘Times New Roman’ as Font Family and Bold in font varient and currently size set at 72 pt.

text and Character panel in photoshop

Now, we will transform text using shortcut CTRL + T to scale up the size of text.

free tansform applied to text in photoshop

We will scale up the the size of the text to fill the canvas. Then apply transformation to the text.

Scaling up text in photoshop

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Align Text

Now, we need to align our text to the Horizontal and Vertical center of the Canvas using Align Panel. First using shortcut CRTL + A to select the whole canvas.

Select all applied to the canvas in photoshop

Open Align Panel and arrange text to Horizontal Center.

Align Horizontal Center in photoshop

Similarly, we will arrange text to Vertical Center.

Align Vertical Center in photoshop

Then, use shortcut CTRL + D to remove selection from screen.

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Duplicate text layer

Duplicate text layer using shortcut CTRL + J

text layer duplicated in photoshop

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Adding Gold Color

With the duplicate layer selected, apply Gradient Overlay through Layer Style.

gradient overlay option in layer style panel
Layer style dialog box with Gradient overlay selected

Change Gradient values to R=246, G=238 and B=173 and R=193, G=172 and B=81

Also save the gradients afterwards for future use.

Gradient saved

Change the Gradient style to Reflected in the layer style dialog box.

Reflected style gradient

Do not click OK yet.

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Bevel & Emboss

Also apply Bevel & Emboss from the left tab menu in Layer Styles dialog box.

Bevel  Emboss

Change Technique to Chisel Hard. In shading section, find Glass Contour graph to Ring – Double, Angle to 120 degrees, check the Anti-alised checkbox along the Glass Contour option. Set opacity for Highlight Mode and Shadow Mode to 75%

bevel and emboss

After applying the above setting, the text will appear to have a stroke. To cover the whole text in it, we need to increase the size of Bevel & Emboss. Increase size upto the level where it covers the whole characters. In my case it is 52 px.

Then set the Depth to around 170% to enhance lighting and add contrast.

bevel and emboss in photoshop

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Inner Glow

Again, in Layer Style dialogue box chose Inner Glow. Here, make the following changes:

  • Change Blending Mode of Inner Glow to Multiply.
  • Set opacity to 50%
  • Change Color to R=232, G=128 and B=31
  • Change the size value to cover the whole characters in it.
inner glow

Then click OK

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Now, we need to apply Layer Style to the original text layer. So, click on the original text layer and chose Stroke Layer Style from the bottom Layer Style options.

stroke layer style

Change the Fill type to Gradient. Apply the Gold Gradient, we saved earlier and switch Style of Gradient to Reflected. Change the Position of Stroke to Outside. Increase the Stroke size to around 8-10 px.

inner glow layer style dialog box

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Bevel & Emboss

This time we need to apply it to the stroke. So, change the style to Stroke Emboss. Technique should be Chisel Hard. Depth at 170% and size to be same as Stroke size in previous step.

Under shading section, Angle at 120 degrees. Glass Countour to Ring – Double. Anti-aliased option checked. Set opacity of Highlight Mode and Shadow Mode at 75%

Also check Contour box under Bevel & Emboss on left side of Layer Style dialog box.

Bevel  Emboss

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Outer Glow

Now, apply Outer Glow from left menu in Layer Styles dialog box and set the opacity to 40%

Change glow color values to R=232, G=128 and B=31

Increase size to around 50-60 px.

Outer Glow layer style

Then click OK

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Add Sparkles

To create sparkles, create a New Blank Layer at the top of all the existing layers in layer panel. Select Brush tool and open Brush Preset Picker. Choose Crosshatch 4 brush preset inside Assorted Brushes under Legacy brushes.

crosshatch 4 brush preset

Press ALT on keyboard and click on the highlight color of text to pick highlight color.

Picking highlight gold color

Click on few highlighted corners with varing size of brush to create sparkles. You can also add gold dust if you want to make it more royal.

gold text effect in photoshop

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