How to Create A Pressure Sensitive Brush in Illustrator

In this Adobe Illustrator Tutorial, I will show you, ‘How to Create a Pressure Sensitive Brush in Illustrator’.

How to Create a Pressure Sensitive Brush

It is recommended to have some previous knowledge on, ‘How to set Brush Pressure in Illustrator‘.

Now, we will create a new brush from scratch in Illustrator.

Step – 1

Create the element or a whole design which you want to be convert into brush. A Scatter Brush can be made out of one or more elements.

After creating the elements, select all the parts and Group them using shortcut CTRL + G

Elements to be converted into brush

Step – 2

With the group selected, click on the plus icon at the bottom tray of Brush Panel.

New brush option in Brush Panel

Step – 3

Select Scatter Brush from the New Brush dialog box.

New brush dialog box

Step – 4

Scatter Brushes have four main settings:

  • Size
  • Spacing
  • Scatter
  • Rotation

We can put all of them to pressure but it’s better to put Size and Spacing in pressure. In this case, I would recommend to use random settings at first, click OK. Then draw a line using brush. After drawing option the scatter brush options again, change settings with Preview option checked.

Scatter brush options dialog box

Final comparison

The image below shows the difference between the same brush stroke when drawn by a mouse and a pen tablet.


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