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In this blog, we will be discussing about, ‘how to rank higher in Google’. My name is Lalit Adhikari and we are at LTY. Let’s begin.


I launched my first website back in the year 2012 and without any doubt, SEO was a lot different back then. It used to take hours and hours just to look for a domain that contained your target keyword.

But today tricking Google with exact matched domain and back-links simply doesn’t work.

Here are some strategies:

Boosting the site’s loading speed

website load speed icon
Website speed icon

Google has publicly confirmed that they use your site’s loading speed as a ranking factor.

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And from my own experiments, I’ve discovered that the site’s speed does impact rankings but not the way you probably think. Most people think that Google rewards you for having a fast loading website.

My SEO experiments have revealed that Google doesn’t reward fast loading websites. It penalizes slow loading websites. Now, let me make you understand, how it actually works…?

Google’s job is to give their users the best result for a given search. And everyone dislikes slow loading websites. If your site is loading slowly then, YES, Google is going to demote you.

But once you hit a certain threshold of speed you are in the line with most other pages on the internet. So, Google doesn’t see any reason to rank you higher.

Now, to actually boosting the speed of your website go to Google’s Page Speed tools and then Insights and enter a link of page from your site on the link box.

Here’s a tip. Don’t put the link of your home page into this link box. Instead, enter an internal page from your website that gets a lot of traffic. That way you’ll get info on a page that lots of your visitors actually see. Then hit the analyse button.

And Google will show you where your page needs to get a tune-up. But even though it’s useful that doesn’t measure the site’s actual loading speed. It could only analyze the respective page’s code.

So, to get a more accurate feel for how your site loads for real-life users, visit

It will show you the exact data on how your page actually loads to the real-life users which is a much more accurate measurement of how your site’s speed stacks up.

Analyze your site’s technical SEO

No matter, you can have the best site with the best content, but if your website has the serious technical SEO issues then you won’t be able to rank well.

Fortunately, it’s not a very tough job to fix those issues.  At first, you need to log into Google Search Console account.

crawl errors in google webmaster
Google search console crawl errors

In the dashboard, pay close attention to the Crawl error section and click on to that link showed in the image.

If you see any issues with robots.txt Tester or any crawl option in general then you have to fix those in first priority. But if they are ok then you are all set.

It’s perfectly ok to have a few server errors and 404s, but if you see hundred’s of error there then you definitely need to fix that as soon as possible.

Strengthen your keyword research

search queries screenshot
Search queries

Google Suggest

To use this technique enter a keyword into Google Search engine without pressing enter. Google will suggest a long list of keywords that you can target.

And when Google actually suggests a specific keyword for you then it means it’s something lots of people search for.

Sometimes the best keyword is the term that you already rank for. For this, you have to find an untapped keyword in the Google search console.

search analytics
Google Search console

To do this, go to your search console dashboard and click on “go to the new report ” section of search analytics. This will open up another page of search console which will exactly show you the performance of your site.

While scrolling down the page you will find all the keywords that you already rank for on the second page.

search console screenshot
search console

And with some extra one page and off page SEO help you can get them on the first page.

Content Development

Back in the day, Google used to reward site that published lots of unique quality content. But this rule doesn’t work anymore.

Today Google’s no. 1 goal is to show their user the best result for a given keyword. Today’s norm is publishing less often but making each piece of content that you publish in very high quality.

On my next blog post, I will explain how to create high-quality content so that it could rank on the first page of Google search.

Lalit Adhikari
Lalit Adhikari

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