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Breaking Down Creative Barricades

As an artist and designer, one of the most frustrating things that come up against us is “Creative Barricades or Blocks”.

Have you ever felt like you have something you need to do or want to do but and you have no idea, why the motivation is just not there?  And you are completely empty or ran out of thoughts.

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Artistic personalities are hugely influenced by what they see and how they feel.

In this blog, I will share ‘two little tips’ that will have a huge influence on your creative motivation and on what stops you sometimes from actually having the motivation to do those things.

And those two things are:

  • Your Environment
  • Your Body

Although, it is a very different approach of the blog that I usually write and I hope it will provide you with a few little strategies of what you can do immediately that might actually give you a bit of boost in productivity and motivation.

So, just like an experiment, try looking at your surroundings if you are in your workplace or your work station.

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Everyone has a very different sort of surroundings.  Some people are very good at maintaining a very neat and clean environment, but a lot of creative people aren’t. It could be because we sometimes can be a bit all over the place in our mentalities.

We might have so many things going on at once that taking our dishes to the sink, wiping the table or wiping off our appliances is the last things on our to-do lists. And the problem is, over time it builds up.

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Especially after large projects, at the end of it, you are sitting in a mess of chaos and this can be really draining.

Tip:  One of the best things you can do on a semi-regular basis is to look at your environment and just give it a bit of rejuvenation.

This doesn’t have to be hugely time-consuming. It could quite simply be wiping your surfaces, cleaning the floor and making sure your devices aren’t gathering dust.

An interesting thing to keep in mind about the devices that you are using to work (whether it could be a tablet or mouse, screen or computer) is once upon a time it was “Brand NEW” and it was amazing.

Just try to think back to that time when you got those appliances and how it felt to use them or how you hungered to create.

Now, perhaps, years down the line things have gathered a bit of dust and because of this, the creative process may not come so easily.

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It may not be a question of buying new equipment; it may really be a matter of just wiping everything, making up and letting you appreciate it again and realize that you can actually rejuvenate your motivation to use the device that you have.

Also try to pay a little bit of attention to things like lighting, air or smells in the room.

The processes I have of keeping my environment nice to work in have evolved over the years.

Now, at this point, where at the end of every large project, or at the beginning of another large project I always do a bit of reorganizing of something because I like to look around and have total free control of my space and feel good about it before I start working on something new. 

And that enables me to be really productive and enjoy my work.

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The second thing I referred to at the beginning of this blog is your body. In my observation, artists often feel disconnected from their physical body because everything is so much in their head.

And the body, a lot of artists tends to forget we have, is doing everything for us. So, it’s actually pretty important that you take a few simple steps to take care of it.

Studies have shown that people trying to overcome depression have had a direct boost from exercise. Exercise is known to reduce stress, ward off anxiety, boost self-esteem, improve sleep and increase energy.

You can do small few things like taking a 15 min walk at the start or end of your workday or your lunch.

Playing recreational sports that you enjoy or something simple as getting a haircut or wearing clothes that you enjoy and comfortable in, all have a direct effect on how you feel. 

And that could be the thing that you need to pay attention to just so that when you sit down and get ready to work, there’s nothing barring your creativity.

Lalit Adhikari
Lalit Adhikari
Lalit Adhikari is the Main Author and Admin at Learn That Yourself. He has work experience of more than 10 years in the field of Multimedia and teaching experience of more than 5 years.

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