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How to build GPU Mining Rig

In this blog, I will show, How you can build your first GPU Mining Rig for Crypto currency Mining from scratch.

For this blog, I have taken images from one of my Mining Rig. Earlier, I used to mine Bitcoin with it but later on I shifted to Ethereum Mining (for profitability).

I built this GPU Mining Rig with 8 Graphic Cards and later on, after sometime, added 4 more GPUs in it.

image of graphic cards, mother board and power supply unit for building a crypto mining rig
Few components used for building rig.

List of all components for Mining Rig

All the components of a Crypto Mining Rig can be divided into two parts:

  1. General components
  2. Necessary components

General components

General components are components which are common in normal PCs. These include:

image of processor, SSD and a RAM placed above SSD for building a mining rig
RAM, SSD and Processor (From Top in clockwise direction).

Necessary components

These are the components which are the absolute necessity for building a Mining Rig without these components, we can’t build a Mining Rig.

These components are different from a General PC or Gaming PC and a Crypto Mining Rig can’t be build without these components.

Component 1: Graphic Cards (GPUs)

Here, I have used the following GPUs:

No. of GPUsGraphic Card NameHash Rate/ card
6GEFORCE GTX 1660 Super32 MH/s
1GEFORCE GTX 1660Ti30 MH/s
1GEFORCE RTX 2070 Super43 MH/s
Graphic Card Details

Component 2: SMPS (PSU)

I had bought two SMPS or PSUs.

power supply unit to be used in crypto mining rig
SMPS used for the mining rig.

Here, instead of buying two SMPS like me, you can go for two 850W SMPS. It will reduce your overall cost.

But I will not recommend it. As cutting cost on Motherboard and SMPS or PSUs are never recommended.

Component 3: Motherboard

I have used Biostar TB250-BTC Pro. It has 12 PCI express slots. So, it can be attached to 12 Graphic Cards (GPUs).

mother board for building crypto mining rig
Biostar TB250-BTC Pro – Motherboard.

Component 3: PCIe Riser Adapter Card

PCIe riser adapter card for gpu mining rig
PCIe Riser Adapter Card

They are used to connect the GPUs to the Motherboard.

Component 4: PCIe Splitters

Place processor in motherboard

Follow this process, if you are placing an Intel processor in the Motherboard:

Open the processor socket in the Motherboard.
Notice the triangle mark on the Motherboard near processor socket.
You will find the similar triangle on one of the corner of the processor.
You have to place processor by aligning these triangles towards each other.
Close the processor socket after placing the processor.
Apply thermal paste on the processor.
Place processor fan over the processor.
Steps to place processor in motherboard.

Placing RAM

We have to place the RAM in the DDR4 ports available in the Motherboard.

RAM slots in motherboard for mining rig
RAM slots in motherboard.

Match the cut in the RAM with the cut in the port. I will be placing 1 DDR4 RAM.

DDR4 RAM placed in motherboard of mining rig
RAM placed in DDR4 slot of motherboard

Mining Rig Frame

There are various options available in market now for Mining Frames. But for this Mining Rig, I preferred a DIY option instead of buying a ready-made frame.

I have made the frame structure using iron bars and placed wooden rods and to place GPUs.

mining rig frame
Mining Rig frame.

GPUs will be placed in following manner:

placing GPU in mining rig frame
Positioning for the GPUs.

Place Motherboard

As I was sure that I will not have to move my frame with time. So, I just put the Motherboard on it’s cover box and didn’t screw tight it to anything.

motherboard placed in mining rig frame
Motherboard in frame.

Power connections to Motherboard

To supply power for the motherboard and Graphic cards, I have placed both the power supplies along sides of the motherboard.

two power supply units placed along sides of motherboard for GPU mining rig
PSUs placed along sides of motherboard

I will connect the 1000W to the motherboard and run the other one separately. 1000W power supply comes with detachable cables.

back side pins of power supply unit for GPU mining rig
Back side of 1000W power supply

Find the cable with 24 pin, it is used for providing power to motherboard and a 10 pin cable to power up the processor.

24 pin power cable for motherboard of mining rig
24 pin power cable for motherboard
after connecting 24 pin power cable in power supply unit
After connecting cables to the PSU

24 pin ATX power cable gives power to the motherboard and the 10 pin power cable gives power to the processor. The ports on the motherboard had been marked below:

24 pin and 10 pin slot marked in motherboard
24 pin slot and 10 pin slot marked
after connecting power cable in motherboard
After connecting power cables to the motherboard

Connect SSD to motherboard

SSD has one SATA power port and other mini SATA data transfer port.

SSD for mining rig
after connecting wires to SSD to motherboard and power supply unit
After connecting both cables on SSD

Place Graphic Cards in Motherboard

This Motherboard supports 12 Graphic Cards.

PCIe slots and mini PCIe slots in motherboard of mining rig
PCIe slot and Mini PCIe slots.

I will place the RTX 2070 Super on the PCI express slot and rest Graphic Cards by using PCIe Riser Adaptor cards on the mini PCIe slots.

RTX 2070 super placed in the motherboard of mining rig
RTX 2070 Super placed in motherboard.

As it’s a big Graphic Card, it covered most of the space and even 2 mini PCIe slots too. Now, take out the PCIe Riser Adaptor Card.

PCIe slot on PCIe riser adaptor card
PCIe slot on PCIe Riser Adaptor Card

We will place our GPU on it.

attaching PCIe riser adaptor card to graphic card
GPU attached to PCIe Riser Adaptor card

Attach the USB wire to the USB port in the PCIe Riser Adaptor card.

USB cable attached to a riser adaptor card
USB cable attached to PCIe Riser Adaptor card

Connect the other end of the USB cable to the PCIe male component.

mini PCIe card attached to USB cable
USB cable connected to PCIe male

Find the mini PCIe slot on the motherboard.

mini PCIe slot on motherboard
Mini PCIe slot on the motherboard.

Insert the PCIe male into the mini PCIe slot.

mini PCIe slot connected in motherboard
mini PCIe slot

Place the GPU on the frame with the help of screws.

graphic card placed on the mining rig frame
Graphic card on the frame

Power up PCIe Riser Adaptor Card

Find the following cable in your PCIe Riser Adaptor Card bundle.

PCIe riser adaptor card's power cable
PCIe Riser Adaptor card’s power cable

It is a SATA to 6 pin cable for PCIe cards. It comes with your PCIe Riser Adaptor Card bundle. This cable is used to supply power to the PCIe Riser Adaptor Card.

We have to connect the 6 pin side of the cable to the PCIe Riser Adaptor Card.

6 pin cable  attached to PCIe riser adaptor card
6 pin cable attached to PCIe Riser adaptor card

Now, connect the SATA end of the cable to the SATA output cable from the PSU.

SATA power cable connecting to power supply unit
SATA power cable connected

Power up GPU

In case of GPUs, bigger the GPU bigger will be the power needed to run it. Here, look at the powering structure of RTX 2070 Super below:

8 pin + 6 pin power ports for RTX 2070 super
8 pin + 6 pin power ports for RTX 2070 Super

Find the similar 8 pin and (6+2) pin power cords from PSU as shown below:

PCIe power cords from SMPS
PCIe power cords from SMPS
power cords connected to RTX 2070 super
After connecting power cords in the GPU

Now, the powering structure of GTX 1660 Super. GTX 1660 Ti have similar power structure.

power port of GTX 1660ti
Power port for GTX 1660Ti

I will be using the following power cables to power up this GPU.

power cable splitter
Power cable
crypto mining rig with frame
After connecting power cable in first GPU and placing other GPUs

How to switch on the second PSU

As our first PSU was connected to the motherboard, it will be powered on/ off using the power key on the motherboard. But our second PSU is not connected to any motherboard.

Hence it needs to be switched on manually. To do this, first remove any power connection to PSU then we need to insert a small metal wire in the following manner.

shorting with wire the power supply unit to start
Shorting 24 pin power cable to switch on second PSU

In the 24 pin ATX power cable coming out of the PSU, you need to drop 2 holes from the right and connect 3rd and 4th holes as shown in image above. This has to be done the side of hook on the cable.

After this you can connect the PSU to the main power and run it.

This blog is just for the hardware part and hence I am not covering the software part like installing windows and Graphic drivers for all the cards.

For mining you can use Binance pool or unminable. If you need detail on ‘where and what to mine’, comment below, I will add the information.

Lalit Adhikari
Lalit Adhikari
Lalit Adhikari is the Main Author and Admin at Learn That Yourself. He has work experience of more than 10 years in the field of Multimedia and teaching experience of more than 5 years.

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