All the Missing Tools in Adobe Illustrator

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Edit Toolbar

All the missing tools in Adobe Illustrator are found under Edit Toolbar option at the end of Tools.

Tool Categories

All the tools are available in Edit Toolbar. The tools which are already available as active tools are muted or grayed out. Only tools which are not available in the toolbar are active or can be clicked. All the tools in Edit Toolbar are divided into different categories as follow: 1. Selection Tools 2. Drawing Tools 3. Typing Tools 4. Painting Tools 5. Modification Tools 6. Navigation Tools

Selection Tools

All the selection tools are shown under 'Select' topic in the Edit Toolbar. Most of the Selection tools here are muted or inactive as they are available in active tools. The only Selection tool active here is Magic Wand tool.

Drawing Tools

All Drawing Tools are available here. Most of tools which were actively available on Adobe Illustrator CS6 are inactively lying in Edit Toolbar.

Typing Tools

Typing tools available as active tool are as follow: 1. Area Type Tool 2. Vertical Area Type Tool 3. Vertical Type on Path Tool 4. Touch Type Tool

Painting Tools

Two important Paint tools available here are: 1. Live Paint Bucket 2. Live Paint Selection Tool

Modification Tools

Lot of lesser used Modification Tools such as Scallop Tool etc. are found here.

Navigation Tools

These are the tools used for Navigational purpose. Print Tiling Tool is now placed here.