Line Segment Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Shortcut for Line Segment Tool is Forward Slash (\) key. Not to be confused with Backward Slash (/).

How to use Line Segment Tool

Method 1:

Select Line Segment Tool and click on the artboard. The following dialog box will open up. Enter the required values and click OK.

Method 2:

Simply, click, hold and drag the mouse pointer from the starting location to the end location.

Once we drop the click, a line segment with two end points will be created with a Stroke color.

Additional Tips

Tip 1: Hold SHIFT key

If we press and hold SHIFT key on keyboard while drawing a line. The line will be straight 

If we try to give it an angular movement, it'll move in 45 degree angle. 

Tip 2: Hold ALT key

If we press and hold ALT key on keyboard while drawing a line. The starting of line will become it's center point of creation.

Points to Remember

1. If we hold both ALT and SHIFT together then we will have their combined effect. 2. Always start drawing the line first and then press and hold ALT or SHIFT keys. 3. If while drawing you feel that you have started from a wrong point, don't drop the click. Simply, press and hold the spacebar and move the starting point then release the spacebar afterwards.