websites you must-know part 32



Instructables provides instructions to help you build just about anything you can imagine. It provides a platform for people to explore, document and share their creations.

“” provides an online platform to share desktop screens. Record audio for meetings conducted with participants not in the same room. In addition, it is a simple tool to share your screen with just about anybody on the web.



Fitday allows you to track your diet and weight loss through its journal. The personal dietician and free articles on nutrition and weight loss on their site are a great bonus.


3-Minute Journal

3 minute journal is different than most other journals out there. This application allows you to track your moods, achievements, failures and moments of gratitude.

“” is super helpful if you want to make changes to a protected PDF. Once you enter the password, you will get an unprotected PDF to download.



1. instructables 2. 3. fitday 4. 3-minute journal 5.


Now, Go Quiet and Start Building Yourself.