Top 12 Podcasts

Podcasts are free education. But most of us don't know who to listen. Here's are 12 podcasts that will make you think like top 1% people in the world.


Lessons: - Mindset - Entrepreneurship - Health and well being - Happiness

How I built this

Lessons: - Innovators - Entrepreneurs - Idealists - Stories behind the movements created in the world

The Game - Alex Hormozi

Lessons: - Sales - Growing Business - Entrepreneurs

The School of Greatness - Lewis Howes

Lessons: - Business - Science - Motivation

Huberman Lab

Lessons: - Brain Health - Perceptions, Behaviors and Health - Measuring and Changing our Nervous System

The Happiness Lab

Lessons: - How to be happy - The science of well being - Myths about what makes us happy

Not Investment Advice Podcast

Lessons: - All things meme - Business and Technology - This is not investment advice

Lex Fridman

Lessons: - AI - Technology - History - Philosophy

The Tim Ferriss Show

Lessons: - He deconstructs world-class performers in areas such as investing, sports, business and arts etc.

The Knowledge Project

Lessons: - The crucial difference between Experience and Expertise - Why some people stagnate, and others progress - Cognitive Flexibility Theory

The Money Guy Show

Lessons: - Finance Basics - Financial Independence - Getting started with investing

My First Million

Lessons: - New business ideas based on trends and opportunities - Guests who talk about how they made money and their experience.