1. Stop looking for Shortcuts

There's no magic pill to be the best version of yourself. There are only moves. Don't waste your time thinking too much. Just work your way up. Your ideal self is always ready to identify with you.

2. Allow yourself to evolve

You might think you've failed but you just haven't learned enough. Give yourself enough time to learn, test and approve all lessons. Don't Quit!

3. Quit making excuses

No matter how valid your excuses are, the point is you messed. Maybe it seems like a failure. Maybe you lost everything. Accept it and learn! Never do it again.

4. Face your fears

You only fear what you haven't faced. Instead do this: - Identify your fears  - Know what you need to do to face them. You'll realize it was an illusion.

5. Take manageable risks

You'll never be your ideal self while playing it safe. At first, everything will seem to be working against you. With time, you will learn grow and succeed overnight.

6. Be Present

Unhappiness comes from: - comparing the past to the present - regretting and wishing things would have happened differently - imagining unreal scenarios The human mind is constantly oscillating between the past and the future. This causes mental stress and disturbs your inner peace. So, catch your mind whenever it wanders and bring it back to the present as much as you can.

7. Practice acceptance

Acceptance means being okay with whatever will be the outcome. If you want change, make it happen. If you can't change it, accept it. And if you accept it, leave it. Stay inspired.

8. Do what you want

People will try to tell you, what's right but don't believe it without testing. You are aware of what exists. Do what feels right to you. Do it unapologetically.