1. Make People Feel Important (SHR Method)


Your formula to be charismatic:

- Give eye contact - Offer a specific compliment


- Ask Good Questions - Be interested not interesting


- Follow up - Remember Name(s) - Remember something you discussed

2. Hone your body language (7-38-55 Rule)

People will like/ dislike your communication based on:

- 7% Words - 38% Tonality & Face - 55% Body Language

Stand Up Straight, pull your shoulders back, make eye contact, smile, give a firm handshake...

You will be dangerous.

3. Master the 4-Bullet Update

Powerful people are busy.

They might not remember what they asked you to do.

Give an update with following outlines: - Here's what you asked me to do - Here's what I did - Here are the risks/ blockers (if any) - If given more time, I'd do this...

4. Record and Study your Speech

The best communicator shares this common habit.

They record their calls and then replay them, study them.

Just like an athlete watching their game film.

You will cut down on your 'ums' and 'likes'.

99.9% wouldn't do it. Be an outliner.

5. Ask Rapport building questions

Your network is your net worth.

Build bonds with these Questions: - What neighborhood are you in? - Do you have any siblings or kids? - How'd you meet your partner? (If mentioned) - Any fun upcoming trips?

Simple but most people miss this.

6. Send 'Friday Highlights'

If you are new to a team, do this to build trust.

Every Friday, send your supervisor(s) a short mail, comprised of two parts: 1. Highlights from prior week. - Big tasks completed - People networked - Extracurriculars (like affinity groups) 2. Upcoming activity for next week - Forward-looking big tasks and networking This will help you: - Build trust - Hold yourself accountable - Tactfully self-promote - Have everything you need for self-reviews

7. Don't Complain or Gossip. Ever.

Nobody likes to hear complains. So, why do we do it ourselves? Remember, respectfully standing-up for yourself is different. When you talk bad about others, people wonder if you talk bad about them too. Just don't do it. Be content in yourself.

8. Remember All the names

A person's favorite sound is their name. And their second favorite sound, most probably, would be the names of their loved ones and pet. Whenever, you hear one mentioned, write it down. Later, ask by NAME, about them. You will stand out.