7 Surprisingly Bad Habits which are considered Good

1. False Kindness

Today our society walks on eggshells. It takes the form of participation as trophies in avoiding tough conversations. People aren't getting the critical feedback they need to grow. Create an inner circle that will give you honest feedback.

2. Learning as Procrastination

There is a thin line between learning and procrastination. Learning is better than doing nothing. Yet only applied knowledge is power. Use the mantra, "Learn, Earn and Return".

3. No White space

Many people have become Audible addict. There total listening time would be more than 1-2 months. They wore it like a badge, until they realize, they are drowning out of their own ideas. Your own ideas are important too. Tune-in.

4. Saying 'Yes' to Everything

Whether it's a new work project or a social gathering, saying 'Yes' to things you don't have time for leads to burnouts. Instead, make 'No' your default. In the words of Mark Manson, "If it's not a F**K Yes, it's a No."

5. Never Being Alone

Society has programmed us to think it's weird to do things alone. The problem is if you are not comfortable being alone, you will never be comfortable leaving toxic relationships. A person who is happy alone is a powerful person.

6. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is more of a curse than a blessing. The #1 factor that influences creative success is Volume Produced. Use 70-20-10 rule: - 70% of your work will be mediocre - 20% will suck - 10% will be amazing If you are avoiding failures, you are avoiding success.

7. Trying to be Good at Everything

Normalize "I don't know anything about that" as a successful answer. It's wildly confident. Plus, the most successful people on the Earth are walking flaws. You will never be an Expert on one thing, by trying to be an expert in everything.