6 Investments you'll never regret making

1. Books


With a book you have the opportunity to learn from an expert and develop the fundamentals of any skill for less than $20. There is no other investment with the potential ROI of a book.

2. Gym


"Your health is your wealth." Money and success is pointless if you can't reap your rewards in the best possible way. Look after your body, lift weights, get strong and jacked and it will compliment every other area of your life.

3. Goals


We all have goals, we all have a purpose - you should do everything you can to achieve it. Whether you have to buy a course, move country or get a mentor, you owe it to yourself to do whatever you can to achieve your goals and find fulfilment.

4. Camera


Sure, we all have a phone. But there's something more mindful and present about taking out your camera than just whipping out your handy little dopamine device. Get a good camera, practice the art of being present and combine the 2 to capture surreal experiences.

5. Good Food


When you eat good whole foods chicken, steak, eggs and fruits, you will feel like a Greek God. When you eat any type of fast food, you feel bloated and want to sleep. Junk might be cheap but you pay for it with your health from inflammation to messing with your dopamine receptors.

6. Experiences


Look, as much as you may be passionate about your work, life is nothing without experience. Get out there, travel, meet people and do cool shit. Do stuff that will make your Netflix documentary worth watching.

Now, Go Quiet and Start Building Yourself. Keep Learning at LTY (Learn That Yourself).