5 Stages of a Relationship

1. Attraction


Every couple experiences this phase. In this stage, you only focus on the good things and similarities between each other. You spend a lot of time together and imagine you are made for each other. You avoid fights and it seems that fight will never happen.

2. Reality


You start finding flaws in your partner. It doesn't mean that you don't love your partner, but things are not beautiful as in the beginning. You start fighting and doubting if you're really in love. The spark in the relationship seems declining.

3. Anger


You start getting angry because of little things. You know that fights can ruin your relationship but at the end of the day you fight anyway. And in this higher stage of relationship, you think of stupidity like breaking up and leaving each other by blaming each other for no reasons.

4. Acceptance


You know you both are totally different persons; you both have different qualities and flaws but still you both accept each other. You realize that things can't be run in the fantasy world for lifetime. There comes a time when you have to act with maturity.

5. Commitment


With time you get to each other too much. You know everything about each other, and this sets up a thought in your heart that you don't need anyone in your life as your partner except that person. You fall in love with that person forever. And this the most honest and genuine thing in any relationship.



1. Attraction 2. Reality 3. Anger 4. Acceptance 5. Commitment

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