5 Life Changing Habits

1. Reading Books on daily basis


- Rich Dad Poor Dad (Wealth) - Atomic Habits (Self-help) - The 4-Hour Work Week (automation) - Zero To One (Entrepreneurship) - The Intelligent Investor (Investment) - How to Influence People and win friends (Self-help)

2. Use time Wisely


- Work in 30 minutes with 5 minutes break (pomodoro technique) - Limit daily time spent on social media - Plan day in advance divided by activities - Daily 'Must-Do' activity: Self-Education - No present or self-appreciation until you get your money right

3. Learn how to multiply money


What most people don't know is that it's not about how much money you make, it's about how much money you keep. Buying fancy stuff to look rich is the worst thing you could do. Stay calm, buy appreciating assets and see your money growing like a tree. Don't go broke trying to look rich.

4. Set priorities and focus on a few goals


Focusing on a few things is a real game changer and will help you to keep distraction away. Everything else is just background noise pushing you backwards. Stop distraction and focus on things that create cash flow.

5. Invest in yourself and your future


- Books, Courses - Seminars for self-confidence, public speaking and networking

A. Investing in yourself


- Online Businesses - Stocks & Crypto - Real Estate - Commodities - Side Hustles

B. Cash Flow Assets are:

Now, Go Quiet and Start Building Yourself. Keep Learning at LTY (Learn That Yourself).