5 body language hacks to boost confidence

1. Eye-contact


People who don't make eye contact: - Look timid - Look Shady - Look uncomfortable Don't be that person. Avoid staring people down but be comfortable holding eye contact while talking.

2. Quit Fidgeting


Fidgeting is a subconscious cope to make yourself feel better during uncomfortable time. Biting nails. Jittering legs. These are signals you're anxious. When you catch yourself doing this, take a breath, relax and stop fidgeting.

3. Smile


As humans, we're hardwired to return smiles. Don't smile like a creepy serial killer. But when you enter the room, have a happy and relaxed demeanor. This will put others at ease and increase liability.

4. Stand up straight


Most people have underdeveloped rear shoulders. Because of this, they slouch. Slouching = Low-value body language Make it a conscious habit to roll your shoulders back.

5. Fix your voice


How you say something matters ten times more than what you say. When speaking: - Don't mumble - Don't speak fast - Don't be afraid to pause - Don't talk from your nose - Don't say 'like' or 'um' too much You'll sound much more confident.



1. Eye Contact 2. Quit Fidgeting 3. Smile 4. Stand up straight 5. Fix your voice

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