1. Stimulation

Challenge your brain with puzzles, games and new inputs.

2. Exercise

Consistent physical exercise will heal the brain and keeps it fit.

3. Proper Diet

Eat foods with protein, unsaturated fat, fruits and vegetables.

4. Safety

Avoid head trauma by wearing helmets and seat belts.

5. Sleep Habits

Brain needs around 7-8 hours of sleep to process and recharge.

6. Learning

Keep your brain young by learning new things like a language.

7. Switch Routines

Change habits, it will surprise your brain and turn off auto pilot.

8. Be Social

Interacting will trigger brain processes and lowers depression.

9. Manage stress

Try meditation for relaxation, stress exhaust brain and Harmons.

10. Reading Books

Words and Stories reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

11. Avoid Substances

Alcohols, drugs and smoking is bad for your brain health.

12. Digital Detox

Too much screen time will impact sleep and overwhelm brain.